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Access vs Recess: Current Real Estate Trends And How To Achieve A Balanced Lifestyle


Access vs Recess: Current Real Estate Trends And How To Achieve A Balanced Lifestyle

Published on Jul 28

Historically, we’ve been seeing more and more people moving into urban cities. The belief was that being in a high rise and having access to coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and shops within walking distance was the way to live life, not only for young professionals, but for empty nesters who were looking to downsize and live a more active lifestyle. Call up your friend and within 10 minutes you could be having a drink at your favorite cocktail bar, pretty cool!

For a commercial investor, investing in cities was a no brainer because of the high demand for having access to the waves of individuals moving into the city and setting up their businesses there. How could you go wrong by owning a property with a kitchen, seating area and counter for taking orders? You couldn’t.

Simultaneously, technology has been accelerating at an unprecedented rate making smart phones and computers cheaper than ever, and allowing more and more people to communicate from across the world within milliseconds. Who doesn’t have a smart phone these days and can communicate with an individual across the world within milliseconds? I’m sure you’ve witnessed two individuals sitting at a coffee shop, both were meant to catch up but somehow got caught up on their phones texting other people. We are now more than ever, living in a hyper connected society with less physical contact.

Several generations of people who were born and lived before the internet existed and enjoyed other pieces key to a fulfilling life. They remember a time when it was normal to have to call someone from the kitchen via a phone that was plugged into the wall. Vacations were always in the great outdoors connecting with nature, our most primordial pastime. Now we are seeing a trend of escapism and a return to that simpler lifestyle. People are seeking out human to human and human to nature connection. IRL (In Real Life). Weekend getaways to escape the weekday grind are once again becoming necessary to feel balanced and lead a more healthy life.

Then COVID-19 hit. It has been tough. Real tough. For most of us, it means quarantining, socially isolating when outside, wearing masks, and washing hands/sanitizing regularly. These are unnatural behaviors to us and are difficult habits to develop. They can provoke feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, and frustration.

In June of 2020 we saw a 19% increase in occupancy from the previous 2 months. July has seen an 11% increase in occupancy from June, with a year high of 89%. Two of our markets, Granby, CO and Joshua Tree, CA had a 97% and 100% occupancy in July.

Consumers are feeding back to our team that they feel more comfortable staying in a vacation home rather than in a hotel. With extra precautions towards cleaning and having a home entirely to your group and keyless entry, it makes sense. No clusters in the lobby and no high touch areas like the elevator or lobby tables.

If anything, COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for the trend towards rural areas and dialing in the pieces we have been missing for a healthy and joyful balance like connecting with nature, people, and taking a break from the business of modern times. Vacation Homes in Colorado are selling at an all time high, more people are escaping to their mountain homes while still successfully working from home and enjoying the fresh outdoors.

At High Rocky Homes, we believe everyone should be able to have their home in recess. We offer 50% of our commission back to you, saving you an average of $5,000 when you purchase or sell with us. Contact us today to learn more about how you can live a more balanced lifestyle and succeed with your professional career.

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