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Hikes and 14ers near Leadville

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Hikes and 14ers near Leadville

Published on Sep 08

One of Leadville’s biggest attractions is the fact that it is the perfect basecamp for all mountain activities.

If you’re looking for a long or short hike, Leadville has it. There are so many trailheads close to Leadville. You can find more information about Leadville’s top-rated trails here.

Some of our favorite quick hikes to do are the Turquoise Lake Trail, the Native Lake Trail, and the Mineral Belt Trail.

If you want to become a true Coloradan though, you can hike a 14er (a 14,000 ft mountain) such as the highest peak in CO – Mt. Evans. There are a couple of 14ers really close to Leadville, at least within an hour’s drive from the town. Mt. Massive, Mt. Sherman, Mt. Elbert, Mt. of the Holy Cross, and Mt. Democrat are the closest five 14ers. Here’s a LIST and a MAP of all 58 of Colorado’s 14ers.

If you’re a seasoned 14er hiker, try hiking Nolan’s 14 a set of 14 mountains whose summit all reach about 14,000 feet. This hike aims to summit all 14 mountains in under 60 hours (traveling is 100 miles). You’ll start in Leadville at the Fish Hatchery and summit Mt. Massive first and you’ll end up at a place called Blank Cabin near Salida.

If you just can’t get enough hiking and you want to do it for six months straight, the Continental Divide Trail is another long hike that crosses through the Rocky Mountains. According to the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, “those who succeed [hiking the trail] find 3,100 miles of stunning scenery, diverse ecosystems, welcoming communities, and self-discovery.” If you’re not ready for a half-year commitment to hiking though, the trail has a couple of access points through Leadville if you’re looking for a shorter hike.


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